We do not inherit the
earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from
our children.
- Native American Wisdom

FOSNP Volunteers

Last year, 1,235 people volunteered their time at Saguaro National Park -- devoting 31,052 hours of service.  The National Park Service affixed a "value" on this volunteer time of $782,652 (based on valuation by Independent Sector).

Volunteerism is one of the primary components of the Friends of Saguaro mission to promote citizen stewardship for the Park and its resources.

In recent years, Friends volunteers have assisted with:

  • BioBlitz resource inventories
  • Saguaro census and saguaro monitoring activities
  • Sonoran desert tortoise monitoring and tracking
  • Lowland leopard frog habitat restoration
  • An ecological study at the Madrona Pools
  • Buffelgrass removal projects
  • Trail maintenance and rehabilitation
  • Interpretive presentation to school and community groups


If you'd like to volunteer your time at Saguaro National Park, just contact the FOSNP office, or either Visitor Center, for more information.