We do not inherit the
earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from
our children.
- Native American Wisdom

Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan

Pima County, Arizona -- which includes Saguaro National Park -- has long been recognized as a national leader in regional habitat conservation planning.  The county is attempting to protect environmentally-sensitive lands by bringing sound biological science into the planning equation.

In 1998, Pima County began an ambitious, community-driven, multi-species habitat conservation and urban growth planning process known as the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan.  This visionary plan -- still under development -- is intended to eventually set aside approximately 440,000 acres to help preserve sensitive species and critical wildlife habitat.

The Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan strives to go beyond simple regulatory compliance with the federal Endangered Species Act.  It is an exemplary plan that focuses on:  (1) Habitat, biological and ecological corridors;  (2) Cultural and historical preservation;  (3) Riparian preservation;  (4) Mountain parks;  and (5) Critical and sensitive habitat.

The Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan recognizes the need to preserve native biodiversity, and has developed a science-based map that identifies high priority areas for biological and cultural conservation.  Through this innovative plan, Pima County is attempting to better manage its continuing growth and development, while protecting open space and critical wildlife habitat.

Friends of Saguaro National Park is pleased to be one of 41 member organizations of the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection -- a group created to help Pima County use science and planning to guide implementation of the landmark Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan