We do not inherit the
earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from
our children.
- Native American Wisdom

Next Generation Fund

In its "Call to Action" report preceding the 2016 Centennial, the National Park Service proposed to "create deep connections between a younger generation and parks through a series of diverse park experiences" . . . "create a new generation of citizen scientists and future stewards of our parks" . . . "help students develop a deep understanding of park resources" . . . "sponsor excellence in science and scholarship, gain knowledge about park resources, and create the next generation of conservation scientists" . . . and "recruit candidates [for the NPS] to provide a source of diverse, motivated, and well-trained employees that reflect local communities..."

With these objectives in mind, Friends of Saguaro worked with the park to create the "Next Generation Ranger Corps" (NGRC) to provide an experiential, engaging, and supportive learning and working opportunity for student interns at Saguaro National Park.  The NGRC program focuses on employing a diverse group of young people, interested in a career in the Park Service or a related field.

Each Next Gen Ranger works in a specific department in the park, developing valuable skills and work experiences.  All Next Gen Rangers share a broad range of training experiences that provide valuable information in NPS history, wilderness, resource management, safety, interpretation, outreach, and visitor protection.  In addition, each Next Gen Ranger has the opportunity to work with a mentor on an individualized project in a specific skill area.

Click here to view a brief video summary of this terrific new program.

With this innovative Next Gen Ranger program, the park is attempting to engage diverse audiences, and work towards creating a workforce that is representational of the surrounding urban community.

You can support the Next Generation Ranger Corps at Saguaro National Park -- just click on the "Donate" link above, and dedicate your gift to the Next Generation Fund.