We do not inherit the
earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from
our children.
- Native American Wisdom

About Us

Our national parks preserve and protect what Theodore Roosevelt described as "the most glorious heritage a people have ever received" -- the lands and resources that have helped to define our vision and values as a nation. 

Southern Arizona's Sonoran Desert and Sky Islands comprise one of the most biologically-rich and diverse ecoregions in the world -- described by University of Arizona botanist Peter Warshall as a place "unique on the planet."  Nearly 80% of Saguaro National Park is federally-designated wilderness, and the park contains the largest, roadless "sky island" in North America -- yet, it's all just minutes away from an urban area of more than one million people. 

Private sector support for America's national parks is a tradition as old as the parks themselves.  More than just a source of financial support for the parks, philanthropy is a means of building and strengthening bonds between the parks and their advocates. 

Friends of Saguaro partners with the National Park Service to provide strategic resources and support that promote park exploration and discovery, preservation and conservation, and resource stewardship.  By providing critical financial support and growing public awareness, Friends of Saguaro provides a vital link between Saguaro National Park and the Tucson community -- and helps protect our "most glorious heritage" for future generations.